‘Out of Hand’


When I am in the evaluation process of painting and taking a moment to observe what I have made, I find the paintings I appreciate the most are the unselfconscious ones. These are the paintings that look less controlled or ‘out of hand’. I wish I had a secret formula that I could follow to create art that is less self conscious but all I know is how to recognize when it happens. Because it feels like magic! The only secret I know is…………. the more frequently I am able to spend time in my studio painting the more likely this magic will occur.

'Out of Hand'

‘Out of Hand’

Author: Mo Hamilton

I use the symbols and vibrant colors of naïve art - a language we can share and understand - to communicate an inward vision. As an artist, I obtain my inspiration from the external world around me, but reveal in my paintings the internal world of my imagination. By reducing my images to their essential elements, I can bring simplicity, myth, and the primal, to my explorations of limits and boundaries with the intent of moving beyond them. Recently, I have worked on a series of paintings that explore the soul’s journey. I have followed my vision to places I had not intended to go allowing my intuition to guide me. I have found power in words and incorporated them in my work; I have used collage and montage to go places I had not been before, while the triptych has allowed me to explore edges and opposites, parts of the whole. I use life story as the dark, rich compost to generate new creation and have in my most recent paintings worked more intuitively than ever before.

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  1. I love magic! Thank you for sharing…hugs. G

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