The Inner Critic

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When I am in my studio painting and everything feels like it is working well then I feel good about my choice to be an artist and in my studio happily painting away. I truly feel like I am following my bliss. But there are always those days where nothing feels like it is working well and then the inner critic appears. I find when the inner critic is present in my studio that my ability to create and take risks becomes constrained. When I am painting this is the worst time to think about what gallery owners, curators or art collectors think about my art. Because making good art is a solitary affair, I try to be alone in my studio and therefore it is important to quiet the voices of the inner critic. I simply tell my critical voice it is not welcome here and show it the door. Making good art initially requires playful intuition and trying things just for the sake of doing something new. It is not until the painting is getting closer to completion that the evaluation process is needed. Then I can look at my painting with more scrutiny and ask myself what is need to make this work of art the best it can be in this moment.

Mixed Medium  9x12 Mo Hamilton

Mixed Medium
Mo Hamilto

Author: Mo Hamilton

I use the symbols and vibrant colors of naïve art - a language we can share and understand - to communicate an inward vision. As an artist, I obtain my inspiration from the external world around me, but reveal in my paintings the internal world of my imagination. By reducing my images to their essential elements, I can bring simplicity, myth, and the primal, to my explorations of limits and boundaries with the intent of moving beyond them. Recently, I have worked on a series of paintings that explore the soul’s journey. I have followed my vision to places I had not intended to go allowing my intuition to guide me. I have found power in words and incorporated them in my work; I have used collage and montage to go places I had not been before, while the triptych has allowed me to explore edges and opposites, parts of the whole. I use life story as the dark, rich compost to generate new creation and have in my most recent paintings worked more intuitively than ever before.

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